Sandside, Scarborough
01723 361675
Gastro Tea Room and Boutique Hotel
Ivy House, is the UK's first Gastro Tea Room, situated right in the heart of one of the oldest holiday resorts in the UK.

Right opposite the pier on Scarborough's picturesque coastline, its the perfect location to eat, drink and stay the night.

Combining afternoon tea with a gastro-fine dining menu, Ivy House is the ultimate tea room experience.

Choose from an array of speciality dishes, prepared by our chef's using only locally sourced ingrediants or stay into the afternoon and go for one of our boozy afternoon tea packages - Champagne, Gordon's Gin, Pimms...the list goes on!

And when you've had one too many, which you may just do, you can stay in one of our individually designed rooms from as little as £99 per couple.
​Our famous 'Teas'
  1. Champagne 'Tea'
    Champagne 'Tea'
    A modern afternoon tea, with an accompaniment of Champagne - £39.95 for 2 people
  2. Prosecco 'Tea'
    Prosecco 'Tea'
    A modern and light twist on afternoon tea, with a bottle of Prosecco to polish off between the two of you - £34.95 for 2 people
  3. Pimms 'Tea'
    Pimms 'Tea'
    A fruity afternoon tea, with a jug of Pimms to brighten your day - £24.95 for 2 people
  1. Gordon's 'Tea'
    Gordon's 'Tea'
    A modern afternoon tea, with a jug of gin and your favourite mixer - £24.95 for 2 people
  2. Cocktail 'Tea'
    Cocktail 'Tea'
    A delightful afternoon tea, with a jug of our Cocktail of the day - £19.95 for 2 people
  3. Traditional 'Tea'
    Traditional 'Tea'
    A traditional afternoon tea with all the trimmings, with a pot of Yorkshire tea, to warm your day - £15.95 for 2 people